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2 Equipment Dreams

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Hello Beloved,

These were short dreams.

I was in a kitchen there was a picture on the counter with me and the man in my life. It's a picture we took while at the beach. There's a coffee maker. The white cup was already in place. I walked over and pushed the button and it made a cup of hot chocolate. I took the cup and sipped it. It was so good. EOD

Second dream

I was at the gym and I was waiting for this treadmill to become available. This lady was trying to use it but couldn't. She walked away in frustration and went to another one. I tried it and it worked but it kept moving out of place. I told the trainer that the machine was fine it just needed to be secured. She told someone and they came and started to secure the equipment. EOD

I think I know, but confirmation is always good. God confirms His Word.

In the first dream, something is in place and preparation perhaps.

The second dream, I feel something is unstable, but it's only that way because it needs to be secured (God's security) Once it becomes secure, it can be useful.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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