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School and a wedding

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There was a room at the back of the seniors block at my high school. I went there and it seemed that it was accommodation. My sister (I think) was there and it was doing some tidying up. Seemed as though it was my place or my family's place. Anyway, I wanted to wash some clothes but there was no washing machine.

I didn't want to go home to wash, so I thought I would move the family car closer to the room (car park is out the back of the seniors area) and there's a washing machine in the back of the car, so I'd do my washing that way.

Then there's a room inside the seniors block and there's a wedding gown on. I'm standing at the back watching this wedding reception. I recall seeing Kate up the front at the bridal table, but she wasn't the bride. Not sure who the bride and groom were, but the guests seem to include a lot of people from the church i used to go to for a long time.

The wedding song was something unusual (can't remember right now - but if I remember will come back and post it)

There's a screen and it's showing Big Bang Theory. I think it's funny, but I wonder what some of the older folk are thinking about this unusual wedding.

Zooming into the screen and it's a scene with Sheldon and Amy. Amy's talking then they go to kiss. And I recall Sheldon looks different. He's very muscular now. And I'm think that all of a sudden he looks "hot" rather than his skinnier usual look. And I'm pondering his gay-ness. Anyway they kiss.

Not sure what it had to do with the wedding but it seemed to be something they wanted to show at this slightly unusual wedding. It makes me realise that a lot of the wedding guests are "nerdy" scientific types just like the characters on Big Bang Theory.

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