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Repetitive Dream

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Repetitive Dream

For the past few months I have been having dreams of babies, not all were identical but all centered the same situation. For example;
Everyone that I have had up until a week ago consist of parents in distress situations handing over their babies crying begging me to take care of them and they were all infants.In the last dream I was standing on a sidewalk when something got my attention and I looked up and saw a person (couldn't see a face) grab a baby and threw it out of the window! I immediately ran over and caught the child and then they grabbed another and did the same thing! All together it was 7-8 babies and I remember crying saying why are they doing this while catching every single one of them ( I actually was counting them in the dream)! When I woke up I remember having that unease feeling like it was real.Once I got myself together and realized that it was a dream, I got up to write it in my "dream book" and as I strolled through the pages I came across a dream of the SAME content that I had in 2012! All I could do is cry! I know that there is a message but WHAT? It's painful!! Please HELP!!

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