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help needed a warning dresm possibly coming true a dream about a witch unknown in real life came to my door next day. lies number 14 bus very freaky

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I dreamt I was in a flat very high up looking over a city and I was having sexual relations with this woman who had very long black hair she told me I had to go and she would meet me later in the shopping centre (mall) I waited for ages to meet her and a friend phoned me and told me that she was lying to me she was in the pub and she was a witch. I was horrified. Next bit of the dream I was in an old house of mine whom in real life over 20 years ago before I was saved there lived a mother and daughter who were both white witches. There was a woman their from my church with her husband and she was in the bath so I got chatting to her husband and I told him all about the woman I had slept with he did not seem that pleased. Next me the husband and wife were all having dinner and this strange man at the table was very angry and it turned out he was a boyfriend of the woman I had slept with and she had been lying to him about where she was the woman from my church said I should not have told her husband and she suddenly had red glasses on her eyes and I should have denied it to her boyfriend as he was a good friend of her husband the boyfriend tried to ran after me but I got away to a bus stop and saw a number 14 bus and a strange woman in front of me said to the driver she was running away from something and wanted to go to the terminus and I went on and said the same thing as her except I said I needed to go to the airport but driver said it did not go there I said I didn't care I was running away and I would go anywhere. Then I woke up. I could not believe what happened in real life that same night at tea time the woman I was having relations with who I have never seen in real life knocked on my door. I did not answer it as I saw her through my spy hole. This has freaked me out is this some kind of warning

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