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Crazy Dream! Manifested Same Day! YIKES!

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So I had a dream that my nieces and nephews were at a pool party. All of a sudden two or more kids drowned! I didn't see the other children, but I heard that they were able to revive them. I seen my niece under the water, and she had such a creepy smile on her face. She was dead! They were not able to revive her! This dream creaped me out so much that I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. So much, that I had to call my sister to tell her about it. I just couldn't shake that look on my nieces face all day! I ended up telling my sister about it and asking her if they planned on going swimming anytime soon. She said no. I told her that sometimes I have 'warning' dreams, and if something comes up to just watch that girl like a hawk in the water!!! 😱

Later on in the evening, my sister texted me and said that they were later invited to a pool party this weekend. She is going out of town without the kids, and would have had to send them without her, relying on others to watch her kids in the water! Since she couldn't be there to watch her daughter like a hawk, she decided to decline the invitation to the party! She is a backsliden believer, so I didn't know what she would think about me sharing my dream with her. Im quite surprised she took heed to this warning dream, bc in times past she can be quite stubborn. She was actually freaked out by the whole thing, considering they werent invited when I first told her about the dream! I really believe God spared them something, by her not still sending the kids to this party. Whatever the enemy had in store, God has outsmarted him again!! holy moly

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