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A couple strange dreams: Apartment Break Ins, and Symbolic Cheese covering China.

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So I dreamt that I was sleeping in my apartment, but it wasn't really my apartment it was some other strange apartment, and at first I was hiding under the covers where I couldn't see, but I heard this noise of someone coming up the stairs and at first I was looking in the balcony, looking down and up to try to find the noise, but I couldn't find it, but I feel this strong impression to just go back to bed, so I go back in my apartment, lock the door, and go back to bed and hid under the covers. As I was hiding under the covers I was wondering if the latch was even locked, and my mind starts racing about whether or not I even locked it, or if the latch breaks, and that gets the intention of whoever is going past, and then suddenly I hear someone going down the stairs, and I stick my head out from under the covers, and for whatever reason I have the ability to see even with my eyelids closed, so I can see who's going past the apartment through the window, and it's people from my church, and they want in, because they heard the latch open and shut, but they realise the lock was open and I tried making eye contact with them, but I didn't want to because I didn't want them to know I was awake, even though I had my eyelids closed. (I think they wanted healing? I could heal their grandmother or something, I barely remember) But they start pounding on this door, and I didn't want to open the door, and eventually (I forget exactly what happens) but they end up bursting in, but before they burst in, I leap up, and I'm no longer lying down, but I'm against another window (there were two layers of glass seperating my bedroom, and the rest of the apartment) and I'm freaking out, everyone else is getting more and more roudy and hyper, and they break in and start chasing me. At this point I get a little more lucid and I'm aware it's a dream, but I don't try to take control of it or anything. They are chasing me with scissors, and I'm also trying to defend myself with my own scissors I somehow gained. One of the guys chasing me looks like someone from a YouTube series I was watching, and I use the scissors on his ear, but there is no blood, the dream ends shortly after. What's interesting is that I felt no fear in the dream, I was freaking out in the dream, but I didn't actually sense any fear at all.

Another time a few nights before that I dreamt a bunch of weird stuff, but what stands out to me is that I dreamed that I was with some people and I was praying over this homeless woman, and I've seen this homeless woman before in my city in real life a few times, but I was praying over this homeless woman, and she was saying some pretty weird stuff about rainbows, or having a vision of flying, and someone in my group in the dream gave her a vision they had that she was falling over sunflowers. So we continued praying over her and in the dream I saw this pizza, (a vision within a dream I guess) I saw this pizza, and there were slices of pizza missing, but the pizza represented the world, and I saw the bits that represented China, and the pieces that were representing China were covered in cheese, and this cheese represented countries where the gospel was prevailent, and of course it covered most of the upper left corner of the pizza, (which was almost as if it was an inverted map, so it wasn't as if the upper left was North America, it was more flipped around, so it was more like the upper left was Russia and all that) Then there was almost like a discussion going on in my head about this guy from China who was going on about how as a Chinese Christian that his family was disowning him because he was following Christ, as they wanted him to follow their "Chinese Empire" as I heard in the dream, yet this man replied, "Jesus is my Empire, and this Empire brings genuine freedom." So he was going on about that, and there were four breadsticks representing Christianity I think, not sure. Then the dream went a little strange, because it was going on about the Hunger Games or something like that. I found myself in this hallway, a strange hallway, and it was almost like a movie trailer of some sort of The Hunger Games, but me and a bunch of people were sitting at this table, and there was this water, and some of it was up to our shoulders or over our heads, I forget, but we were sitting in this flooded room, but at the same time it wasn't flooded to the point that we couldn't breath.

Some of my terminology doesn't make sense, but that's because I find it very hard to describe my dreams. :P

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