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Come On, You're Breaking His Heart!

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I closed my eyes one night. I heard a man's voice saying, "Come on, you're breaking Ahmed's heart!" (Not his real name. But he is Arabic in real life).

I then saw another Arabic guy wearing a baby outfit and crying. (I'm thinking that this represents someone who is immature?)

End of vision.

This vision is pertaining to this Arabic international student I knew from college. I haven't seen him in four years. I actually had another couple of visions about him that I posted on this site. One was of him in a restaurant. He wasn't sitting with anyone. He stood up from his chair and then he sat back down.  I had another vision about him a few weeks later of him standing up and walking away. I felt in the vision that this was a good thing; that maybe he was walking away from something that wasn't good for him. I wonder if these three visions are related? Any insight would be appreciated.

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