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A House Full of Furnishings

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Today's dream had me holding my head as I awoke with a bad headache; perhaps as I recall it some clarity will come.  I apologize for the lengthiness but it was like watching a very vivid set of movie scenes and I am not certain which aspects of the dream to leave out at this point:

I was at home with my spouse and kids--it was an apartment that I had lived in for 7 years as a little girl after my parents separated but it looked a bit larger inside than the tiny apartment that I remember.  The apartment was almost bare but he had bought a big screen TV--this purchase was a bone of contention between us because the family had real needs and the TV wasn't one of them. We needed furniture, food, clothing for the kids, etc., but he had bought a TV. arguing    I walked into the den where he and our sons (who were younger than in real life) were watching television; it was a really violent action movie and I was upset that he was letting them watch it because in the past, we were very strict about these things. Banned :stop: (I had the feeling in the dream that we had argued about this and he was doing as he pleased...the kids were just caught up in being able to do something previously forbidden by both of us--so of course I'm the spoilsport.)  He knew I was upset and basically ignored me in an obvious manner after giving me an insolent look. That's when I noticed that we had company:  the rapper Jay-Z was there and a couple other guys that I didn't know. I knew that my spouse was making a point to demonstrate to the guys just who was ruling the roost, so to speak, and I was like an outsider in that place.

I walked into the bathroom to calm down a bit because I was about to blow up! :stop:  I splashed water on my face to cool down.  When I returned to the living room, there were more children running around.  It was 7 or 8 little girls whose ages ranged from about 3 years to age 9.  Somehow I knew that they were orphans and needed mothering and felt bad that I didn't have resources enough for my own children. Yet I felt drawn to them as soon as I entered the room and they surrounded me.  I knelt down on the bare floor to talk with them and a little girl of about 4 years, who seemed to be a special needs child, immediately gave me the sweetest, biggest hug and kiss.   huggins kiss   My heart was stolen in that moment and each girl came to get a hug from me as well.  They needed care and I felt responsible for them.  Someone scolded them and called the girls over to sit with the rest of the children in front of the television--they  were annoyed about them running around the living room and talking.  They were made to sit in front of the TV too.  I could feel my anger rising again so I went outside to walk and pray.  referee

For some reason, I started jogging and ran across the backyard of the apartment building behind ours ( irl, I grew up in old, military-style duplexes many of which were placed back-to-back in our complex) and as I reached the sidewalk in front of that duplex I slowed to a walk to catch my breath.  An older man dressed in a maintenance uniform suddenly came out of one of the duplexes and called me over.  I walked to the front porch and could see that there were other workers inside--they were about to put the apartments contents on the curb.  He quickly explained that the elderly residents had passed away and there were no living relatives, so I was to get whatever I needed from the apartment before they put the rest outside.  I had the odd feeling that they had been waiting for me to come by so they could tell me this.  I also felt really sad about the residents and felt funny about going through their things but he insisted, so I began to look at the items.

I immediately found a long, low wooden table that was painted green; it was about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide which was perfect for all those little folks at home to sit around on the floor.  Wearing an angry look, my husband suddenly came in the back door of the duplex with my sons to see why I was in there with a maintenance man--he calmed down when he saw other women in there looking around (it was odd how the women seemed to suddenly appear and I noticed that although they rummaged through things, they did not take anything--and this apartment was FILLED with beautiful furnishings, etc.,).  I had my sons, who were now looking like they do in real life--ages 15 and 16 and 6 feet tall, take the table home with instructions to come back and help me with the rest.  

A grandfatherly worker called me back into the master bedroom which was beautifully decorated and furnished.  The contents of this room were to be mine as well and it was overwhelming:  new bed, linens, pillows, paintings, furniture.  I was to take basically everything.  He showed me beautiful jewelry and purses that would just be thrown out, then told me to me to go through the highboy and waited patiently while I did so--it seemed that even the workers were not taking anything.  I reluctantly began placing the jewelry and other valuables into purses to carry home.  I particularly wanted the jewelry and documents, diaries, etc., to be kept safe--it had crossed my mind that there may yet be undiscovered kin somewhere in the world who might appear one day and would find these items to be precious heirlooms.  It was unimaginable to think of them being left out on the curb to be ransacked. Btw, how on earth did they have such nice things in such a dismal place?

I also felt confused because although the exteriors of the duplexes were just as I remembered, the interiors were not the same.  Back then those apartments were plain, with chipping exterior paint, concrete floors and no air conditioning...nothing like the officer's quarters over on the base.

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Question: Can this be a connection to a previous dream?  

As I prayed over this, I suddenly remembered a previous dream which I also posted on the site as "Two different beds, a reneged promise and a joyful future" which I also prayed over and hid in my heart.  That dream began with me being a bit older than I am now with new grand babies and then jumps back to when I was a hopeful young woman with my childhood self traveling alongside me.  

The dream I posted above seems to fill in the middle years which were missing from the other dream...and also ends in a bedroom.    

Beds/bedrooms, scarcity/abundance, despair/joy seems to be important contrasts in both dreams.  Anyone have thoughts on this?

**Also, I just noticed that in today's dream we had "company". After studying spiritual warfare a number of years ago (my kids and I), we began using that as a code phrase when one of us notices we are suddenly feeling out of sorts/anxious or inexplicably squabbling over minor things, having sleep disrupted, etc...as a reminder to stop and pray for deliverance from demonic oppression. Things usually settle down afterwards....**

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