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My dream...

I was standing before a lagoon and i was butt-naked. It felt like early in the morning. I was surrounded by huge trees and I saw rays of the sun coming in. As, I am standing there, I begin to see little birds being form from the dirt... a lot of them(I think they where sparrows). I saw birds(all kinds of birds)parrots...etc. flying around. All kind of animals where being created as I stood there.

Even though I was standing before this lagoon; I saw the creation of all animals being form under the water...Whales,Sharks,Fishes...etc. As, I am seeing this; I can hear the birds singing, the Lion's roar,and other animals running around...just full of activity.

Then right before my eyes, i begin to see a animal been form before me: I saw the internal organ and all being form(sort of like a decaying process; but backwards) then after this animal was fully created...It shook it self and walked pass me. I felt the wet skin and it was brown; It was an Ox.

That was the dream.

Now, after this dream. I went read the account of creation in the bible. It's in the same sequence in my dream!

Thank you for any input! God bless

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