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Spiritual Warfare Dream

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At this point in my life, I'm waiting on God to move in my professional life. I currently work in a call center and I really do not like the job. Too much chaos and disappointment surrounds that place. Everyday I'm tempted to quit and walk off the job. My boss (Dusty) doesn't know I'm looking for another job. Also, at 1 point, I was emotionally attached and flirted with a married man. Now, we are friends and colleagues. God has delivered me from the emotional attachment. But now there is a new man in my life who is kind and smart, but I have been abused for so long, I don't know how to handle it and it scares me. This dream felt so real to me. In the dream I was thinking I'm guilty and scared knowing I could spend the rest of my life in prison. I woke up scared & thinking I was in jail. I have not stopped thinking about this dream. I'm having a hard time interpreting it. Now that you have the background of my conscious world, here is the dream:

I was in a school working in the beginning of the dream, but then the dream turned dark. A family was getting interviewed at night in a questionable area for a documentary. Then, someone I don't know was there and started talking to me, then I got upset and strangled the man with a rope. I told Rosie (my friend/co-worker) and she told me to act like I didn't kill him. Then my former trainer comes to me and tell me the law is back there looking for me but he's sure it's a misunderstanding. So I smile and go back there. When I get there Dusty (my boss/friend) tells me I better tell the truth. The law are 3 white men in red polo shirts.
I introduce myself and they instruct me to sit down on the floor in front of them with my palms up. Then rubbing alcohol is placed on my hands as the man on right has a clipboard and writes the word "past" with a series of questions and he has a big black machine next to him. It looked like a lie detector machine. They didn't read me my Miranda rights. The whole time Ms. Leda- my Guardian Angel (who passed away from a brain aneurysm 5 years ago) was sitting on my left telling me to not lose sight of reality and she was hugging me as I was being prepared to be questioned.

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