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Burning apartment and family

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So I had a dream earlier today where I was in an apartment that felt like my home but it wasn't. I was in a room with a huge bed and an even bigger wooden dresser facing me. I remember walking to the dresser and as soon I touched it, the apartment went up in flames. The apartment got hot and I woke up from it. But moments later, I fell back to sleep only to be put back exactly where I left off in the dream. The exit to room became a wall of flames. And as I stood in front of the wall of flames, I saw each member of my family being burned alive. I tried to grab them only to wake up from the dream again. This time however, the hand I used to try to grab them had a burning sensation to it. After looking at my hand, I lost all my energy and fell back to sleep. Just like previously, my dream continues from where I left off at. After seeing my family burn, I get a burning sensation and I combust into flames as well. Everything goes to black, and I see myself walking in the dark. No visibility and no light. As I continue to walk, three symbols appear in front of me. The first one was the number 7 with two lines crossing the vertical line. The second one was a symbol similar to an ankh. The third one I can't remember too well. It was distorted but it had a round but square like shape to it. It also had wings on it. Here is a picture of what the images looked like. I hope someone can make sense of it cause I can't.

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