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I raised a man from the dead

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I dreamt that I was at the church I attended when I was younger. There was a man standing on the platform with the pastor. While he was talking to the pastor, he had a heart attack and died right where he stood. The pastor told two of his deacons to call 911. Then he proceeded to preach with the dead man lying on the platform. I was sitting up close maybe on the third row from the platform. I was angry. I kept thinking to myself, "Why doesn't the pastor just raise him from the dead? That's what Jesus gave us power to do." I couldn't believe that the pastor was not operating in the gifts of the spirit. I was almost disgusted. I decided to do it myself, but I was afraid to interrupt the pastor preaching. (As a child in the church, I remember the pastor forbidding the church to walk while he preached.) So I waited until he was done. Then I walked up on the platform, knelt down beside the dead man, laid my hands on him, and commanded his spirit to come back into his body. He opened his eyes. I helped him stand up. I was excited. I wanted to know where his spirit was when he was dead. No one at the church cared that the man came back to life. nerd

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