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Had to go through two old churches to reach the third new church.

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Interesting dream.

I needed something from a church but I had to go through two very old churches to get to the church where I needed to get something. It was like I had to not be seen, like I was under cover or something. So I had to go through these two very old churches because it was a place of hiding so no one could see me. The three churches where in one row. When I come to the second old church that was like a barn it had this thing, I do not know how to describe it. It was this symbol thing with silver and gold trinkets on it and from inside the old barn church you would pull the lever and it would raise like a flag then go down like a flag. I had always wanted to raise it so, I pulled the lever and where it was located there was a ditch on the ground on my right side. The ditch went along all three churches on the right side of the churches. So I pulled the lever and the flag thingy went down and I could not get it to come back up. So I left it. Then I waited until everyone was gone from the church where I needed to go and get something from so people would not see me. The third church was very modernized and it had a splash of white paint that was thrown on it to look like it was up to date.

I woke up not remember what I needed from this church

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