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Dream Confronting a terrorist in my own country

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I was doing something in America and these terrorist tried to kill me and a friend,they were chasing us. Some how we got away and came back to school. Then I was attending this school I think it was like a supernatural school of ministry. People I knew were like family who ran it. In my dorm room one of the terrorist began to speak to me through my wall it was as if the middle east terrorist were living right next door in my country. Like in Israel where the wall separates them. They tore a hole in my wall to watch what I was doing and making threats. Well then I taped the hole to try and keep them from talking to me and threatening me in my own country. The next thing I know, my leaders at school have the main terrorist who tried to kill me and my friend stay there so we can meet him and be friends with him. Also he was going to be a guest speaker. I am like what are they crazy!! I know we are to love our enemy but they are playing with the devil. I was going into the bathroom to change and as I go in, my friend is in there hiding from the middle eastern terrorist who tried to kill us. I asked her what she is doing and she is like, I am not going out there this is crazy!! I said, “Well I need to get dressed”. So she is hiding away from the partial window in the bathroom and I am trying to hide from the window so no one sees me getting dressed it was a pretty small bathroom. As I am getting dressed, I can hear my leaders and the class talking around a long table to the terrorist. He seemed like he was nice and making excuses why they do what they do. I knew this guy was feeding them a bunch of crap...So my friend in the bathroom disguises herself in a wig and stuff so he does not know it is her he was trying to kill,by this time they head to the lounge chair and couches. I decide to come out and join them and I hoped this terrorist sees me because he did not know I was going to this school... I come out and the look on his face was priceless. I sit down and he is going on about his excuses about his religion and acting all nice. I could not take his crap anymore and I stood up and walked over to him and got in his face and said, “ You can lead someone to food but you cannot make them eat it.” He looked at me funny as if he did not understand.. Then I said, “You can lead someone to water but you cannot make them drink it right.?” He said yes, like what is the point. I got closer to his face and said,” Your country can change all it takes is a choice and you can help them make that choice if you wanted to,there is no excuses for what you and your country do....Then I left the building and went outside to water the beautiful garden we had. The next thing I know one of my friends from class came down to help me water. I said what are you doing out of class? She showed me her paperwork to excuse her from class and she said,” We loved the way you confronted the terrorist and most of the class is coming down to join us except the one girl who is the leaders pet. Then most of the class came down to join me and they all where encouraging me and telling way to stand up to the terrorist in class and hugging on me.

Interesting dream.

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