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My time with Jesus

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I dreamed I was sleep and I awoke to an open window with the wind blowing the cuttings curtains gently. I felt someone was there and I reached out my hands towards the curtains and Jesus took my hand and pulled me into a tight embrace. I couldn't make out his face, but I KNEW it was him. I was overcome with peace and tranquility! I hugged him so tight and so did he. I could actually feel him holding me. Then I started crying. I told him I was so sorry four not being a good daughter. I told him I sometimes couldn't feel His presence, but that was b/c I moved away from him. I was sobbing uncontrollably on His shoulder. All the while He was comforting me, rubbing my arm and He kept telling me everything was ok. He kept reasuring me that everything was going to be OK and to not worry. I could sense he was about to leave, and I begged Him to take me with Him. He said it wasn't my time yet. I had things to do. I never felt so calm and peace in my life. Then I was holding a 2-3 month old baby. I was rocking her. She was beautiful. She looked like my youngest daughter a little, but I knew it wasn't my youngest. Then she was gone. I awoke then. A little background on me: I'm a single mother with 3 kids. I'm a full time student in nursing school with 1 year left. I'm not going to lie, most days I want to give up. I love love love taking care of people. That's why I chose nursing in the first place. My life is not perfect, I will admit, I've made some poor choices along the way. Which brings me to the baby in my dreams. 2 years ago I had an abortion. BIGGEST mistake in my life. I payed abs asked for forgiveness, but I'm tormented by that coward decision I made. I really think the baby in my dreams was her, the baby I didn't have. Please help me an interpretation. Thank you! God Bless!

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