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Seiko Tsang

Dreams: Rare Coin and restoration

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I would love your thoughts on this dream.

I usually have prophetic dreams and have seen many play out and others prayed about.

I dreamt that I had gotten a job, and while performing my duties, I was dressed in mustard-colored sneakers, and my purse was the same pattern and color. A very deceitful lady came in to do business, and before I knew it, she dragged the shoes off of my feet, stole both them and my purse. The next thing I know, because I have no purse I cant call my husband to alert him, and I end up on the street, homeless. During the homelessness, I remember wearing a soiled pair of white pants, and I was trying my best to get them clean. Somehow the dream fast forwards, and am watching myself crossing a street, still homeless, and I decided that I have to start picking up coins. I found a penny or two but then suddenly I found a very old rare coin with a date (think it was 1302) on it. And I thought that I needed to get it appraised. I walked into an antique shop and the owner looked at it and then offered me magnifying glasses to look for myself. Then he offered me $1,000 for it, but he didn't have the cash yet as he was waiting for more customers to come in. I decided to sit and wait for the money and began thinking of all the things I could do with the money. I know one thought I had was "this is the start I need to get me out of this state that I am in". Then I wake up.

But before that dream, I had one more dream where I was in a large conference like setting. And I was at the back of the room, looking at the attendees, neatly seated in the conference. But I was leaving with bags, several sized duffel bags. I don't know what was in them, but at the conference were several former co-workers and they were so excited to see me and whatever I appeared to have in the bags seemed to be excited, even though I did not open them.

My thoughts: Personally I was thinking that the dream of being homeless, God forbid, after going through that, God restored me and gave me a "-thousand-fold" what I had before. That's just my thoughts. My family has been going through some real financial tests this year and I have the faith in my heart that this season is over! I am believing that. I am not sure what the bags that I am carrying out of the meeting are, but my feelings in the dream were like "I am so excited to have these bags, proud to have them", like the contents were very valuable.

Any thoughts for me? Thanks.

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