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Cracking Eggs With Their Teeth

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Hello everyone!

In this dream I was outdoors with India and Toni. (IRL these two women are sisters. They have a business called "My Natural Sistas." They are natural hair enthusiats who give tips on growing and maintaining healthy hair).

I had white eggs. I would put an egg into India's mouth and she would crack it with her teeth and a golden yellow yolk would come out. I tried to put another egg into her mouth but I noticed she already had an uncracked white egg in her mouth so Toni took the white egg I was going to give India and she put the egg in her own mouth. She cracked it with her teeth and a golden yellow yolk came out. EOD

-I consider the sisters positive symbols. IRL they share good useful information.
-Both of their names mean Praise/Praiseworthy
-I didn't have any feelings in the dream, I just thought cracking the eggs with their teeth was strange and the yolk coming out was a little messy lol!
-I'm wondering if the dream is suggesting I need to think positive and speak the promises of God? Could the sisters represent two specific things that are related? should I be giving God praise for something that has not manifested in the natural yet?  :hmm:  Any thoughts would be appreciated. It's so hard trying to figure out my own dreams.


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Hello, Ispeaktheword -

My thoughts on your dream are that the Eggs are similar to Seeds. From a symbolic sense, the eggs could represent a prophetic word or the like.

The sisters could be literal. Or, they could be sisters in the Lord.

The action of taking the eggs, cracking them open in their mouths, and then revealing the yolk reminded me of interpretation. Providing revelation for something.

I think that the two people and the two eggs are literal in that you should have two similar interactions with two different people - both of which are able to help you.

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Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for responding. I agree with your thoughts.

I sing and I write songs. A prophetic word was spoken to me a couple of years ago regarding my music and it seems like this is the season for me to move in it. I am currently working on praise and worship music with two people. It is a man and his daughter. Both of them encourage me greatly and are helping me to be confident with this gift of music that the Lord has placed inside of me.

Blessings to you Mark

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