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3 dreams within a dream: Important

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I dreamed I was sleeping at my Sister's house and one of the intercessors knocked on the door and asked for something, can't remember exactly what it was. The intercessor seemed not herself. She stated she had moved 2 doors down from my sister while they repair the roof of her house.

I awakened and was drawn back into another dream. In that dream I was telling the intercessor the dream and it's interpretation. The interpretation was: the apt represented a temporary situation. The roof that need repair was on a big white house. I told the intercessor that the roof (covers a house) represented her husband (who covers her home). He has to submit under the leadership of Pastor while God repair him. The intercessor was elated when I told her this. I also began to minster to her. Then I woke up.

I went back into a another dream and this time my Pastor, 1st lady and some others was inside her house, and Sis. Mercy (a choir member) was laying on the couch. I told the intercessor that hr oldest son has a global anointing. She had to leave again and told me to tell her more, but not doing intercession. Then I woke up.

What do you'll think? Somehow I knew her house was big and white in the dream. It isn't in real life.

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