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Birthing a Baby Boy

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Good morning dear blessed. I am new to this site which i found after i had this dream last night. I dreamt i was giving birth to a baby boy. I was quite relieved because the labour was very quick (compared to those i have had in real life) and i delivered, on my own, a baby boy. The baby did not cry for a few seconds (2-5 at most) but then eventually did. I however immediately realised that as i was giving birth, i passed a stool. My husband immediately followed me to where i was and advised that one of my 2 sisters in law had sanitised the place i had soiled. Soon after the birth i remember saying to myself, 'oh, my little son (who is 6 months old now) has a little brother of his own to play with". Thereafter, i saw myself happily pushing new baby in a stroller. What could this mean? Thank you and remain blessed.

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