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A turning point in my life

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Hello Mia and fellow forum users
I have been struggling to interpret a dream I received about 10 years ago. God recently reminded me of this dream, and, as I live in south Africa, I would be deeply appreciative of you reading to my letter, and giving me your insight...

Let me share my dreams with you, if you don’t mind.

First, let me just tell you where I am in my life, as I think this bears on the dream.

I am divorced, and, as I’m really close to my twin sons, aged 10, really love spending time with them. A year ago they moved 1800km from me, and this means I do not have the contact with them I need.
As a result of this, I decided to move myself, and business closer to them. Coupled with all this is huge financial strain caused by a court case I lost, which I should never have. I have really struggled with both these issues, as I believed God would honour my prayers, and my righteousness in the legal case. In the issue with my children, I believed God would want me to be near my children, but every move I make to get closer to them results in failure. I am at a crossroads in my life, the lease has come to an end on the building I rent for my business, and, with my planned move to Cape Town, I am unsure as to whether I must find more premises, or whether God will allow my financing to go through, and I can close down. It also seems prudent to me to get small, cheap premises to simply store my things ( workshop equipment, tools, trailers etc.) until I can relocate them. My faith has taken a real beating in all this, as I cannot understand why God would abandon me in this way. Lastly…. I would love to be involved with a sweet, tender, gentle, quiet spirited girl, but after the last extremely toxic relationship I am resisting any form of commitment, or relationship, but would love a God chosen woman in my life. A while ago I met Jessica, a very sweet, lady. Because of distance we did not carry anything through, and, I thought we were finished. She is also many years younger than me. God told me a few weeks ago to change my attitudes, and, shortly thereafter Jess contacted me again, and we are talking. I am totally unsure about this, but want Gods leadership. I

I have prayed earnestly, for a long time for GOD to show me the way, to lead me, to prophesise to me, and to take me to the promised land. I desire peace, contentment, of joy in my life. The last 15 years has simply being exiting, not even living. My boys are my earthly and heavenly treasure, and my greasiest desire, and goal is to be heaven with my family.

Now to the dream…..

I was arriving at a train station. The station was very smart, clean, and really business like. I felt it was in Europe somewhere, like Switzerland, or Germany .The train was sleek, and modern, and, I disembarked from the upper level in the front of the train. I don’t know why that is important, but it is.

I stepped out the train with a few other men. I had the impression I was on my way to a seminar, where I, along with the others would be making an important speech. ( note, I hate public speaking…) As we went through the gates out of the platform we stepped into a lounge are. There was a fire burning. It was a fireplace like you would find in a home, against the one wall. I realised there was something very evil that I had either brought along, or was inside me. I took this big evil thing and threw it into the fire. The others were standing in the room, not really paying attention to me. As I threw it in the fire, it burned , and, as it was thin, burned out quickly. Satisfied, and with relief I left the fire and walked to re-join the others. As I looked back, I was horrified to see that although the evil was burnt, it was still very much in existence. I put my things down, and went back to the fire, and, using a steel rod next to the fire, I broke up the evil, and let it fall inside the fire, completely destroyed. ( I remember praying too, and commanding the evil to leave in the name of Jesus) I then left with the others. Dream ends

Now something curious, another dream, more recently, where I am in Cape town, (where my children are) and, I’m at some kind of hearing, or ear institute. It’s a very smart operation. With some really clever people. I am somehow involved, or doing business with these people . Dream ends

Last night, after paying for Gods prophetic word into my life I fell asleep, and dreamed 2 dreams.
In the first dream, I entered a barn. It was large, and high, and old, dusty, wooden. I climbed up some “stairs” a single old wooden beam with steps of various lengths nailed to the bean to form steps. The wood was old, and dark. On arriving at the loft, I noted an old wooden floor, also very dark, and dusty, denoting its age. I looked up, and there was a sort of train, say 2 or 3 “coaches” Imagine the “coaches as being about 6ft long, with wooden wheels, and all made out of wood. My sister was in the rear coach. We talked for a while, and I noted that as we talked, this “train” was going from one end to the other. However, because the “train” had no tracks, it simply went along some boards. I became concerned that there was nothing to keep this on course, so I looked down at the wheels and was alarmed to see that some wheels were already off the “track” by this time, the train was back in its starting position , above ne. I shouted at her to not move, as it could fall. As I did this, the “train” started to fall, and I was helpless. I feared for her life. After the noise settled, I called out to her, and, very shakily she said she was OK. I ran to the steps to climb down to assist her. Dream ends, and I wake up. My first thought was that this was not the kind of dream you want to get. But, then I was reminded of Joseph, and his interpretation of dreams, and, the dreams that do not appear good, are often quite good. Unsure, I fell asleep

Dream 2
I was in a strange town. The weather was cool, overcast, but not unpleasant. I was driving a car, an old one. I had fiends that I wanted to visit. They were male friends. Something happened with my car, and, on arriving at their house, asked if I could use their car. It was an old British car, like a Hillman . I took this car, and ended up on a wharf, quite narrow, with sea on either side. This car behaved more like a hovercraft. If you turned the steering it was slow to respond, and, like a hovercraft, you could make it spin and spin. Driving along, the car started to go out of control. I turned the steering. Slowly the spinning increased. Realising this, I turned the steering the other way, and, like a hovercraft, stepped on the gas to get rudder authority. It went out of control, and splashed into the ocean, and was soon underwater. The water was very cold, but I opened a window and held my breath, swiming to the surface. Suddenly I was in another place, and while my friends were upset, they did not condemn me, but I felt guilty for losing their car.
Dream ends

Somehow, I believe these dreams are connected.

My forte is in motor vehicles, and car sales, so nowhere do I have any form of expertise in ears, hearing aids etc.

My dream is to leave my current form of business. I am investing in some offshore financial programs at present, and, as I’m so burnt out, I’m asking God for a break of a few months, to get my head right, and to avoid a nervous breakdown , which I am sure I am on the cusp of. I dream of a business that is worldwide that focuses on Christian business finance, and, as I love aviation, and flying, dream of a plane I can use to visit clients, as well as use to get missionaries to out of the way places. I realise this is just a dream, but who knows….

So, there you have it, in a nutshell. I would be really appreciative of an interpretation, and prophecy over my life if you can, and are led to.


Keith Muller

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hi keith ,i appreciate your courage in shareing your dreams/situation, it would be easier if you posted the three dreams seperately ,as theres alotta material to read thru, i will comment breifly on ur first drm, starting with a scrip that may encorage you, :bible: job 33;14-16.the train is significant, a path your on, a fireplace can represent your heart, even anger, or a place where things are burnt up, destroyed, you throw watever it is your carrying, into the fire to be consumed,, it kinda sunds like deliverance takeing place, holy moly after you destroy the evil thing , with steel,you carry on your way,,  i think this dream is really symbollik, i would print it out, and slowly walk thru it, highliteing the key werds, scratching chin,,im still thinking about the fireplace, that it reprsents a family issue at home to be delt with, Scratch Chin

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Hi! Thank you so much for the words, and the effort spent in prayer. It is deeply appreciated, and your further insights will be appreciated.

The reason I posted them all together is that I believe they all relate to one issue

Once again... Thanks

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yep i understand, however theres 4 dreams and your life story in there, a truckload of information, you repost the dreams seperately and give them titles, or numbers, hee hee idea

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