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Cadillac, Train Track, Children, Toy Dinosaur

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i don't know if this has any meaning

in my dream friday night i was driving around town

then my dad was talking to my mom that i NEEDED to get a Cadillac and it seemed i HAD to get it and HAD to pay for it myself

angry and annoyed i drove away and it was night time

i came to a train track where a train had passed but came to a dead stop then the track gate started moving up buth THAT got stuck and stopped too

i was annoyed and cynical so i drove on through and as i drove through ANOTHER train started coming, i almost got hit

i was scared i would get in trouble

then the dream shifted and i saw these two young boys playing with toy dinosaurs...hiding from their parents

i seriously felt like one of them was MY son

i ALSO felt like i WAS my son...

i was also seeing the dream from a first person perspective as the young boy

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scratching chin hmm are you comeing up against bountries at present, are you feeling restricted?,, perhaps by your parents,, i think the toy situation may relate to a real life situation between you and your parents, especialy when you see yourself in the first perspective,, the felings tell half the story, ''angrey and annoyed, fearful of getting into truble, look to identify the barriers that are prohibiting your current path, nerd they could be authority related,the two trains and the barrier arms are significant symbolls,your impatiance not being able to wait for the barrier arm almost ends in your destruction, what nerd ,,ask yourself what these could be in you real world, and take heed,, Scratch Chin

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