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A turning point in my life (5)

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Many thanks to those who are helping me to interpret my dreams.... Is wonderful to know that God is talking to me, I just have to learn to interpret these myself.

I went to bed last night very dejected, with another delay in my financing, and thus my move to Cape Town. I was askingGid if he really is there, is he caring for me? I am asking God to communicate with me, tell me which way to go, where to turn, what to do. I want to know what Gods Game plan is for me, so I can follow the plan, rather than trying to go in my own direction

Last night I had another dream, 2 dreams actually, although I believe the last one to be inconsequential.

I was visiting a terminally ill man. He did not want any visitors, and turned me away. Undeterred, I believed I needed to go back, so the next day I did. His brother was there, he was a mean spirited chap,many, in fact I discovered the sick man was too. They both told me to leave. I told them that God wanted to intervene in some way , but that made the brother get more angry. Somehow they captured me, and bound my feet, with the sick man egging his brother on, enjoying the fact they had caught me. I reasoned with them, and managed to get them to relent. I went to unitie myself, but was surprised to see the binding on my right foot was an actual snake body, and it looked like I would not be able to get it off easily, as it looked like it was joined in a way that would be impossible to get off in a short time, as I knew time was short before the two changed their minds. The body of the snake was simply placed over the other, I don't know why I thought this would be difficult, but I believed it would be. However as I went to untie it, it opened easily. I went to my left foot, but found another type of binding. This was done in a knot that was like a birds foot, ie a centre claw that was sticking out further than the two outers. I realized this was symbolic, but could not understand what it was . I escaped, but then found myself on a beach. I was talking to a man who was just "difficult " suddenly, out of nowhere, he found another man to help him strong arm me, and to help him. This second man then managed to hold my head against a railing, and threaten me. Suddenly we were at a later point in time, still on the beach. The first man appeared, and came over. I did not recognize him, and he was friendly. I was with others, I think 2 of my friends. He started to tell a story to my friends about how he had scared me of, and that I was weak. I realised it was the first man, who had organized someone to help him. As he was talking I turned to him, and told him what a coward he was for having to get others to do his dirty work. I turned to face my friends for a few seconds, and when I turned back to look him in the eye, he was gone. I asked my friends how he had managed to disappear so quickly. We were all dumbfounded as to how he had done it. I spotted him some way off, walking near the ocean on this quite crowded beach, and went after him. Dream ends

I awoke, troubled, trying to understand the significance of it all, as well as the symbolism of the snakes, and the two types of knot

I then dreamed another, possibly inconsequential dream
I was in my car. It was night. For some strange reason I had slept in the car, and as I awoke, I realize it was bright. I assumed it was day but realised it was not.
, but, as I Looked I saw a shower of sparks in the sky, and thought it was a meteor shower. It went dark, and I realized it was early morning, about 4am. I was just about to put my head down when suddenly it was like daylight again. There was another shower of "sparks" and I saw the lights were actually UFO's and they were going to different locations, changing direction and altitude with ease. . Suddenly I was with friends, who saw it too. I was exceed, because I wasn't the only one seeing this. The activity went on for a while, whilst I was trying to understand why they were doing it, or, what they were looking for. Suddenly, I'm with my dad, it's now morning, and we're in his car, a BMW 320d. Note, he has never actually owned a car like this. He is driving, but, realizes the car is not going. We both agree that the gearbox is faulty, but that he has just had it overhauled for exactly the same problem . I realize I need to go and get my vehicle, which has also just had a gearbox overhaul (this has happened in real life) . Dream ends

I'm totally in the dark to the significance of all this. Can anyone help?

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