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Break-up: Same outcome, Different Atmosphere

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Hello everyone,

A couple days ago, I had an odd dream. My family was packing to move out of our home and we were nearly done, except someone found a few discovered a few items that we nearly left behind. There was a laptop and a few other things; the house was nearly empty.

As in real life, I had to rest frequently during the packing process due to health challenges. I was lounging on a chair with my legs propped on the side for elevation when my husband passed by and accidentally bumped into the arm of the chair. I froze with apprehension--we'd been having serious relationship problems. But he just stopped momentarily and tweaked my foot playfully while giving me an apologetic smile before he continued upstairs. This behavior was really confusing to me-it was something he would only have done years ago during the early years of our relationship. He came down again carrying a box with the last of his things, then left without saying anything and drove away. I knew he wasn't coming back.

My kids and I found a tote bag for the laptop and finished putting things in my car (I had a car??????! I was driving???!) and we left as well. I don't know our destination, but it was going to be a long trip.

I woke up feeling confused by his odd behavior, sad about the marriage ending but at peace that my kids and I would be okay.

**Irl, the night he left us was very much the opposite of the dream! We had no transportation and almost had no money/place to go if not for a miracle that happened late that afternoon. He also ranted and raved for several hours before storming out.**

The ending was the same but why was the behavior different?

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