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Driving to a Theme Park...Cops called on us

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it seems i am starting to dream again after so long of not dreaming

too many times now i have dreamt about a kid i used to know named "AJ"

i haven't seen him in years but he still shows up

i'll post the other half of the dream in another post

in this dream i was going to a theme park with AJ and some other kids

AJ was driving...in the dream, his car was this big Shiny Red truck that looked like my dad's Dodge Ram

i was the passenger and there were a few girls in the backseat

we were going to a theme park and in the dream it was located in "Tennesee"

we started driving north from Georgia into Tenneesee

all of a sudden we reached a dry or almost dry River River Bed...we had to cross it

this river bed flowed narrower and narrower between these two Rocks/Clifs/Mountains whatever with water in between them

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we were kind of nervous at this point

we got out of the truck because we felt it would not be able to get through

it was almost like being in a cave at this point

us passengers got out and AJ was able to somehow get the Truck into the cave part at least

then either because we did eventually get stuck or the dream changing...AJ, me, and the other passengers were now on foot

we kept sneaking onto various properties...homes or businesses...on foot

we were still TRYING to get to the Theme Park though

at one point, we were on this property...some business...a small manufacturing plant or mill or glass shop...who knows

there was this fence and it was possibly barb wired

we got trapped and found out somebody had called the cops

the Cops came and we were nervous, especially being in the middle of nowhere, with these Cops

the main Cop guy basically lectured us big time

what really stood out was how the Cop talked to ME and Female passengers...it seemed we received a little more stern correction

then the Cops let us go

the dream ended with us RELIEVED but making it to the Theme Park

we traveled back home and it was like this really big deal/coming of age/conclusion to our lives

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addressing the first aspect/post, it would seem like a intended path you were on ,looking for good times has become restricted, even dried up, your not in control of that, your dad has something to do with that, perhaps aj was dominant in the direction you were both headed,

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i personally think my old friend "AJ" in my dreams is the embodiment of two people...one whose name begins with "A" and the other "J"...mine being the J one.

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