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Strange dream about purple snake

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*disclaimer this dream is really long and I included all the details I could remember in case they were important. It is very possible that the dreams are three different dreams but they flowed together like one. If anyone can help me with this or give some insight it would be greatly appreciated. God bless.

Dream; This is possible the first dream all I know is that me and my boyfriend left the house and I left the oven on for some reason and then we went back home and I cut the oven off and remember thinking it is extremely warm in the house and then we left. The rest of the dream went like this-I don't really remember the beginning part but I remember seeing my God niece who is 11 drinking and acting crazy all in the presence of her mom and her friend (which in real life would never happen) but they were like we would rather her do it here than somewhere else and I remember she also got my nephew into doing that crazy stuff and he is 7! And I was like so shocked and I pulled them into a room and started talking to my nephew about how he is too young to drink and he needs to be a kid and his demeanor was like a stubborn teenager. And I talked to him and I think he got it then I talked to my niece who was dressed out of character she had makeup on and skimpy clothes and I was talking to her about the same thing and telling her to just be a kid and not rush to grow up because she would regret it and I remember thinking that I know how she felt because in real life when I was 12 I had a best friend the same age as me whose house i spent a lot of time over and her, me and her brothers and sisters would drink and do drugs in the presence of their mother who approved and had the same reasoning like I would rather you do it here then somewhere else. So I wanted to tell her that but for some reason I didn't. So I told her you have to look out for your cousin(the 7 year old) he looks up to you and he follows everything you do. So when you act like that he acts like that. And she started crying and I said I know he is young but hang out with him during the day and I will take you to some places at night for older kids and I put on my jacket and left the room. Her mother came into some money and my sister was gonna get a tattoo or something and also my God nieces mom wanted to get something done to her hair and so did her friend. When I walked in her friend had some like blue yellow and white streaks in her hair supposedly from hair bleach. And we were all looking at her confused and asking what's on your hair and i asked her if the undertones of the hair bleach will be the same as the color she already had in her hair and she didn't know. Then my sister talked about getting her tattoo and I said I want one. And my God nieces mom was like you can get one I gave that guy a lot of money and he said he could do everyone so you can get one if its really enough. So i go in there and I cut kinda in front of my sisters turn and there is a guy in there with a red shirt on by the seating area. I walk over there to sit down and on the floor is a bunch of snakes I walk around them and then I see a big bright purple snake in the middle of all the other snakes. I say that's a really pretty snake, because purple is my favorite color. The guy who was standing there in the red shirt says oh well can I have your number and maybe you can bring a couple of them by my house. The first thing I thought about is how to let him down easy because I had a boyfriend. Then I say I would never bring snakes to your house because I am terrified of snakes(which I am in real life) then he is like really? He then proceeds to pick one up and I scream and run and I say stop playing and he chases me with it but then my dream shifts and then there are other people being chased with snakes usually guys and they are being bitten in the neck and like blood is splattering on their clothes, their necks, and the wall behind them. It's like they are all chased and then back into a wall and the snake repeatedly bites them and every guy is getting backed into the same wall but with different snakes. And the last guy who was chased said something about the snake being a cobra and being poisonous and he got bit but the blood behind him was black and not red like the other people. And then I woke up.

Sorry some of those details probably don't matter but I just didn't want to leave anything out in case it was significant. Thank everyone in advance for their feedback.

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