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Monetary Gift and Picnic

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A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was hosting a picnic to celebrate after being gifted with a very large sum of money. I had lost my job due to a serious health crisis and gone through some very difficult personal trials. At the end of it all, I received this financial blessing. On the day of the picnic, a large throng gathered outdoors in a beautiful park-like setting to celebrate with me. They seemed to be random people, not necessarily people I knew very well.

I remember feeling very fulfilled and thankful as I moved about, making sure that everyone was having a pleasant time and had what they needed. I couldn't seem to stop smiling and it made everyone else smile as well. One encounter that stood out is that I remember seeing two women that I worked with on a former job in real life--which I did lose due to illness. They were both surprised to see me doing so well, but they seemed genuinely happy for me.

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