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Trying to Find Missing Passport, Going To Italy

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I had a dream that me and a group of friends were travelling to Italy. I haven't been to Italy myself, nor have I taken much consideration of visiting there in the future. In the dream, I'm in this hotel room, and I'm trying to find my passport, and the cab has arrived to take me to the airport, for a flight that leaves in about ten minutes. There are all kinds of passports around the room, and I'm trying to find my own. I see my dad has this unusual "Aboriginal" passport. (My dad in real life as a social worker, worked with a lot of aboriginal native people in my town prior to his retirement, and also (not entirely certain if this is actually relevent to the dream I noticed that my pastor today, after the dream, asked him to clarify to my pastor about the significance of an eagle feather, about what it meant, and if it was some kind of good luck charm or not.) I found a passport that strangely was a single passport that had a single photo of me and my siblings when we were younger, but it wasn't the one I was looking for. I also remember grabbing my cell phone recharging cord in my room.

I woke up, thought about it, prayed about it, and went back to bed.

It's a very similar scenereo. Trip to Italy (or at least somewhere this time) leaving imminently, but instead of a hotel room, I'm in my parents house. I go into my parents room where my parents are in bed sleeping. (In reality, my mom keeps the passports in her room for safe keeping) I asked my parents for my passport, and either my mom, or my dad, hands it to me. After this, I need to get into the bathroom, but the door is locked, so I have to ram against it to open it. Inside, the bathtub is running on hot water, which had just run out by the time I got in there.

I thought this was a very interesting dream. As to what the passport means, maybe a means of travel perhaps? I thought it may be a type of rushing around not ready, the parable of the virgins who didn't have oil in their lamps. I'll read that scripture today, and see how it speaks to me. I'd hate to think the dream means I'm a foolish virgin, but if it does, I'd like to know areas in my life I specifically need to repent of, as I know I'm not perfect, but I still seek God on a daily basis, walking with Him and repenting of what I know to be wrong, what are your thoughts on this? Blessings. :)

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