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Jennie the Jesus-lover

Freak shows of thing going on; two scary dreams

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Okay first I dreamed I was in a room near an open window with a screen on. There was a coyote outside nearby. I have had quite a few dreams in the past of coyotes and usually the animals are quite menacing in my dreams. So I look at the coyote, it sees me, its' eyes light up weird and it moves towards me and seemed threatening. I'm backing away from the window and was struggling while I was doing that. I was getting away but it seemed like there was a force trying to keep me close to the window like I was being pulled or sucked towards it. When I was between asleep and awake(awake but yet still dreaming because I'm trying to wake from the dream) I saw a dark figure that looked like a black bear and the creature came over to my right shoulder and loudly sniffed at me like a bear does. Then I woke up. After I fall back asleep I dream there was a major crises in my town. There were trusted people like traffic signal guys and people like that that we're going to do evil by participating in shooting people to death and blowing the areas up.  I still was hanging around trying to pack so that I could leave the area but was confused with where I could go. Then it got dark and seemed wintry outside. Then there were two guys and at first one of them told me lightheartedly I needed to leave soon because of what the were going to do. And as he was starting to walk away explaining these things to me he suddenly turned on me and started talking in a creepy way and I put my hands on his chest belly area(he was taller than me) and asked Jesus to please protect me. After that the guy turned nice again and bade me farewell and left. I noticed later there was a person I knew from church who was going to help me. I thought at first he was one of them but when I realized he was being helpful I got comfortable. I looked outside and said "I would leave but it's dark out."  He then following my gaze said "yea this ain't Paris." And anyway I tried to get to packing and as I was in a hurry running back and forth I suddenly had no trousers on and was in my underwear. So I felt even more nervous because of that. There were two more people working with me on something. A lady with something that had to do with a paper I was writing on and next to her was a young man. He was engrossed in something and even though the lady wanted me to come into the room to work with her, I didn't want to because I didn't want the young man to see me in my underwear. Later I put on one of my orange towels around my waist. I remember when I was having a dialogue with one of the people being evil they mentioned again about my needing to leave and I said well I tried channeling like teleporting to places to see where I could go. I eventually teleported to a desolate looking area like it has been destroyed and all that was left was a big hole or cavern in the ground. I was thinking I'd be safe to wait out the trouble that was happening but I didn't want to fall in. So somehow I managed to hang onto the way edge kind of leaning or laying and standing. Well that's all I remember. Was a freak show. And sorry that the writing is so long wowiedoo I didn't think I'd write that much.

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