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Sad dream

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Sad dream: 08/23/2015

I had some intestinal colic and was wandering around back and forth to try to do something about it. I decided to go get yogurt. There was a person there who I used to work with in a job (his name is Darin)I used to have and he was noticing I was there too. So I went to walk by him through a big door that looked like the kinds used in offices and accidentally brushed my arm on his which provided a sense of tactile comfort and made me feel a bit better. I think I had a sense of wanting to linger but then I was really wanting to just go get the yogurt so onward was the mission. And as I was doing so I finally got my yogurt. I come back to a room I was supposed to be in and I see Paul sitting in a chair and desk looking at me like he was perturbed about something. I don't remember the exact words he was saying but he was indicating I needed to go to items that were on my assigned desk. They were random old pics of himself including a cartoon drawing. I said "I see it" to let him know and walked over to the pictures. He said to me "I know you wasted your time five minutes just eating." Then I felt desperate and tried to desperately explain that wasn't the case, it was because I wasn't feeling well and needed to go get yogurt. He got up and I don't think he heard me and when he walked right by he turned into a school mate that I went to school with in the early 2000's. She was sitting in a computer chair and had the same perturbed look that he had, and was talking to me but I don't remember her exact words. I had the sense that these people were perturbed because I was neglecting something that they wanted me to do and I didn't realize it. So then I got very sad and said to the girl "it hurts me that I hurt you Samantha" (her name is actually Danielle in real life). And I was feeling like I was going to break down. There was someone else there who I don't know looking at me and looking at Danielle. At first it wasn't convincing to me to have said that until I started to experience the emotions, then it was. So I left the room feeling so low and hearing sad down in the dumps music in my head and wanted to find Paul. I wanted him to have sympathy and console me. Could it be maybe it was God letting me know I'm neglecting something He laid on my heart and longs for me to get back to it?

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