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Greetings... I had a dream this morning that was sort of "Two Part."
I was with some guys from LA, one I knew from church out there and another from TV. The rest of the guys were with them and they all wanted to find a place to eat here in Philly so I said I'd show them the places with the best restaurants.

As we began to walk up the street this particular night we noticed HUGE construction equipment in the street without guard gates or even workers with stop signs, etc;. The machines began to operate on their own it seems. This huge crane with digger began to move as well as bull dozers, etc;. They began to swing around and slam into buildings as we ducked and walked-ran faster to get past them. There was one building in-particular " a large white one" sort of like an apartment building that was getting slammed and coming up out of the ground. (Literally being pulled from it's foundation.)

I thought to myself "They might tear down the whole darn block, so I'd better go back to my apartment for my loved ones." I went inside my building and up a stairwell when BOOM like sounds and shaking like an earthquake had hit. People ran out of their apartments and past me as I continued to make my way to my unit. As what seemed like the whole neighborhood shaking, I saw a close friend (She seemed to be closer than a friend to me.) and I said " I know the way out, let's go." She then said okay but we have to get Mike (My oldest son) as we were already in progress I wasn't sure if he was even home but I found him and he was back to 10 years old.

We all left together and took a different route while everyone else ran in panic. When we reached a back room in the building's basement I knew there was an exit to reach the outside when my friend said "Sweetie wait, what about Bre?" (Bre is a friend of hers...) "Brenda's coming over." It threw me off cause we were almost out and I didn't want to be in the building when it collapsed, but I went back towards her and my son and to probably look for Brenda or talk some sense into her...

By then most of the residents found the basement and all went charging past us towards the door... I wasn't panicking but wanted them to be safe.

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