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Growing roses in the church

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Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were sitting in church. It was exactly our church, except the seating was like stadium seating, and there was vegetation growing everywhere along trellises. Beside me was the most beautiful red rose bush, full of blooms. Behind me sat another lady with a large rose bush, full of blush-pink and cream colored roses, and I knew I had planted that one also. In front of me sat another lady and she had a huge bush growing beside her, loaded with rose buds and I knew they would be white roses, because I had planted those also.
The pastor stood up to speak and he called for those who felt called to intercession to come forward, so they could pray for people who needed prayer (irl we have a prayer team who does this). Without hesitation my husband and I stood up and made our way to the front to pray. The pastor looked surprised that we came forward, like he didn't expect it, and possibly didn't like it. Beside me stood an elderly man, who in real life sits in front of us in church. He was standing, ready to pray, and all around him were little things, rich and expensive, just lying at his feet. In the dream we had the prayer time, but no one came to me, my husband or the elderly man. So we sat down after a time. The pastor began to speak then, asking a question that I didn't catch. My husband spoke up, answering the question with wisdom, but half-way through his answer, the pastor cut him off, as if he hadn't heard him, and asked someone sitting far behind us the same question. I sensed the person was someone the pastor wanted to impress, or else, someone he felt connected to. The person stumbled over the answer, eventually saying they didn't know. I whispered to my husband, "I guess you weren't speaking, huh?" After this the pastor began telling a story about someplace he had been "up north" the previous week. He made a comment to the effect that people there thought nothing about spending a great deal of money, unlike people in our area.
After this we were dismissed and we lingered, while I talked with the ladies with the rose bushes. We were just discussing the roses, how well they were doing and the color of their blooms. I realized they didn't know I had planted those roses, and I didn't tell them otherwise.
Any ideas? I do sense this is in relation to our current church and pastor. Thanks!

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