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Numbers 66 and 24 St johns church brokenness new boss friend in distress leaving at 2pm

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Hi I dreamt I was friends with a priest who was completely broken sexually and shared his story openly to the church of St. John's there were 24 people there he told me afterwards while having coffee but only 3 people took communion from him. next there was a man who was completely broken telling me he was leaving at 2pm irl an old friend not been in touch with for 15 years. Next I went to have breakfast and the waitress put me beside my new boss and his female friend who both ignored me but I was happy about that irl he is not a Christian and wears a ring with a skull on it. Next I received s text message on my phone from a man sending rude pictures I ignored it on the phone it said 66% charge. Irl he is a friend on social media I was at uni with but don't often speak to him. Another text came from my sister who told me she had no time to meet me before she went home that day hoped I was ok with that a bit worrying irl not speaking to her. Then I dreamt I was at my great grandmothers house looking after her white cat while she was in hospital it was only allowed outside but it came in the house. I went to visit her in hospital and the doctors told me I had pancreatic cancer I ignored them. Finally I was a child delivering papers on a red bike eating square chips and my wages were 24p irl I have a heart for the sexually broken. The dream about my friend leaving at 2pm disturbs me as we were very close a long time ago and her has been on my heart and mind a lot weird I dreamt the night before about number 12

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