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A dream about my enemy her warning me about Ahab and argument with her and witchy woman again crosswords number 6

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Hi last night I dreamt I had a job interview with my enemy in a luxury hotel in the basement. It became very obvious she had no intention of seriously considering me as a candidate she just wanted to humiliate me I asked her if I was to relocate to the town she lived 100 miles away and she told me not for at least a year and that was a stupid question. Next she went through my shopping bag in front of s group of women 1 of them I have dreamt about numerous times as a stranger with witch and divisive qualities in my bag were women's magazines like gossip and competition type ones and she was very annoyed that I was reading such magazines I noticed on the front page there was an advert for a 6 page horoscope guide and I told her I would have never read that but she was angry about the crosswords inside. I lost it with her at this point and told her she had a religious spirit and she was furious she told me I would end up like the prophet Ahab she got up to leave and told me that if I really believed what I had said she would get the law on to me she left with a friend who sided with her we went out on to a street called Princess street and I started shouting at her telling her I hoped she had an accident on the way home

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