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Talking To Ice Cube

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I was in what sort of looked like the computer room in my home. I was on the phone with Rapper/Movie Producer Ice Cube. I could not believe he was talking to me. I thought i'm just a random person, I hope he doesnt hang up on me. I was telling him that i'm not a crazy person. I also told him that I'm happily married because I didnt want him thinking I was a groupie. I told him I wanted the opportunity to audition for one of his movies. There was one in particular but i couldn't think of the name. I kept saying the word "line" because the movie title had the word "line" in it. Ice Cube said, "Is it thin line?" I said no.

I got up and went to a room right next to the computer room. It was spacious and looked like an office. There was no desk or chair just a fax machine and paper stuff. My husband was in this room so I asked him the name of the movie and he told me the name. I dont remember it now.

I went back to the computer room to finish the conversation. I was blown away that Ice cube remained on the phone with me this long. He said, "There is always auditions in NY." I said thank you and hung up.

FYI: I saw the movie Straight outta Compton on Aug 22. I was very inspired by Ice Cubes journey as a writter because I'm a writter myself. At the time I had this dream Aug 29, he was not on my mind.

Your thoughts are appreciated

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Hi ispeaktheword,

I wonder if an unexpected opportunity is coming your way, being recognised by someone in your line of work perhaps?

Just my thoughts - the feelings from your dream.


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