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Dream about the End of Days

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My dream begins and I find myself in Purgatory with Jesus. There are others there with me. Some I know, some I do not. Jesus approaches me and asks me to go and see if more will accept Him as their Lord and Savior. I told Him I would love to go and I will try my best. He told me I will be with you, and sends an angel with me.

I find myself back on Earth. As i look around many things are now in rubble. Buildings are destroyed, Cars have been destroyed, and even the ground is torn apart. But there are also some buildings that are still standing. I first approach a church with my angel buddy. And we go in and find several people inside. The one who stood out the most was that there was a pastor in there trying to preach. But he himself did not believe the words coming out as he spoke them. I asked why cant you believe in the words you are teaching. And why aren't you able to join Jesus in purgatory. The man said we try but how do we believe. I said you have to truly accept Jesus into your heart and give Him your worship. They began to pray and worship and they where able to join Jesus in Purgatory.

I then Found myself in the street outside the church. I asked the angel where should we go next. We walked around until we came to a mall. And inside many people where still looting the place. and others where sleeping in bags on the ground with their families. They looked up at me and asked what is going on out there. Spiritually i speak out, the end is coming and this is your last chance for redemption. They reply redemption from what we did nothing wrong. And the angel speaks, she tells them. The Lord has already come once will you not admit your sins and turn your hearts to the Lord and repent. The crowd then becomes angry and they begin to shout at us, telling us Jesus is not real and to leave. the angel and i then leave the mall and as we did a beast with a horrible face came and swallowed the whole mall.

I think find myself on the road again, but we are running away from the beast this time. We continue running until we are trapped between many beasts that block our path. A Lion then descended and told them to leave us alone. That we where His Children, and He took us back up to Purgatory. He tells us that its the beasts time to play for a time and a half. and my dream ends there. But i feel as its not the end of it.

Can anyone discern this dream.

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