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Declaring Over An Actresss healthy friends.

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I had this dream

I was with a friend who was a different nationality not sure which one but I do not know her in real life..We saw this star who was very popular she was in the public doing something. The star had allot of issues in her life and had been through soooo much. After the star had left my heart really went out to her so did my friends. My friend said let go to her mansion. I felt kind of funny about it because I sure was not one to fallow the stars and I am not a stalker. I went with my friend anyway because I thought maybe the Lord can use this to reach her heart. So we went but as soon as the stars car pulled up in the driveway I darted for the back door. I really felt like this poor star is going to think we are here to hurt her or want something from her and she does not need that.My heart was pure in really wanting to speak into her life. However I felt weird. So I told my friend I am going. So I am on the back porch and the sliding glass doors like the rest of the house windows had dark tinted windows for privacy. As I walking there I see the guards are in the back looking around and I ma thinking they are going to see me and arrest me. The funny part was they could not see me even though I was standing right in front of them when they were looking through glass outside. They finally leave and so I go out in the backyard to escape. There were all these boulder rocks because this mansion was on a big hill. I was like oh no my shoes were somewhere in the house so I had to climb back up a little bit to the house. All of a sudden the lady who is a star is standing there waiting for me to come back up and grab my shoes. She say's to me as I am trying to sneak by her that she loves my friend with a big smile on her face as she was amused at my sneakiness. lol I said oh good. She invited me in to join them for lunch. As we are all around the table and her husband who also is a star is cooking something in me rises up. We have a glass in our hand with something in it. I raise mine up and I declare these words. THANK YOU LORD FOR HEALTHY FRIENDS, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE OUR HEARTS IN THERE BEST INTEREST FROM THIS DAY FORWARD.CAUSE THOSE WHO HAVE DECEPTION IN THEIR HEART AND WANT WHAT WE HAVE WITH EVIL THOUGHTS PLOTTED IN THEIR HEARTS FOIL AND TURN AGAINST THEM. AMEN! The star looked at me funny and said, " OH K. Like that was weird she had yet to understand I was declaring the word of the Lord over her from that day forward. The husband cooked potatoes and some meat and I complimented his food. I knew a new friendship began and the Lord was going to use my friend and I for His glory in her life.
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