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Flood took everything away from me

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Hi all,

It's been a long time between posts.

I had a dream last night that was quite alarming and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts?


I was in my home town where I spent most of my childhood. (may parents still live there) but it was very different looking. It looked like a island resort place where the rooms were in a tree house like labrynth.

There was a flood that came or was about to come as I feel I was seeing prophetically in the dream itself.
I knew God was going to flood the place. The entire place was going to be destroyed and all of my friends and family were going to be gone, even my identity was going to be taken from me.

It seemed that the flood came and then suddenly I was at the outer edges of the tree house resort looking out towards roads in Brisbane which is 3 hours from my parents home town. Before the roads were these weird looking prehistoric looking trees and I was thrust into them. (it was nighttime now) and I fell into this forest of trees.

I then seemed to lift out of them and step back then I realised that God was going to strip me even of everything I owned and everything I identified with of my past. Even my name was going to be stripped and also my looks. It was an entire overhaul of my identity.

I was really scared as I didn't want to lose my family, but even my family was going to be taken from me.
Th nerd is felt almost post apocalyptic and was surreal. The tree house like resort I kept walking around thinking "Everything that I was is no more and where am I going to live?" Then I heard a voice from behind me say "GO and don't even take your clothes with you".

Then I woke up.

This dream really disturbed me but also I felt like it was a God dream for sure. nerd

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Hi there :)

It has been a while. Sometimes I dream of things as though it were happening to me but it actually is happening to someone else somewhere in the world and the dream is for prayer. Usually, when the dream seems very literal, it is not about me. If a dream is symbolic, then it is about me.

I believe it is a call for intercessory prayer for someone, somewhere else in the world, and you will read or hear about something very similar in the news.



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