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Assigned to work in the northwest.

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i was in a workshop program thing that trained youth for work. It ended and we were assigned to different work places. We were all taking different trains to our work. I was assigned to a hardware store in the northwest, where it was winter. I thought i was going to alaska, but i was staying in the tri-state area in the north west corner in the mainland. I say a flash of myself at the small hardware store. I was at the counter as a store clerk, wearing a green vest. The store sold tools and screws, nuts and bolts but i also saw they sold wood planks and they were hanging to my right. The store looked like the Claires at a local mall, but the door was closer to the counter and it was just smaller. I also saw myself walking to work. I wore a light blue jean jacket that was a little distressed around the pockets. There was snow still on the ground and it was old from a previous storm. It was turning hard. I felt the snow season would be over soon. The area i walked looked like a part of the street around where i live (irl) that lays big rugs or blankets with a lot of sewn in detail. As i pass by i am greeted by a couple of older men on the way (one old man, one middle aged overweight bald man black with a lighter complexion, there might have been another one). I knew them and felt safe in the small town and that i was actually in a community/family setting with fellowship. I loved living in this small town.
Well, i didnt actually go. I was supposed to go but i decided i would go later because i was very tired and weary. Someone friendly who i knew from the workshop training and had kind off befriended but I kept him at a distance asked me if i would go on the train. I told him later. The whole dream, i was limping. It wasnt regular limping. I walked the way i did when it had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and would sit too long and would get up and walk like an old lady (people would actually make old jokes and i was 13 at the time). I got home worrying about a personal issue. In my home i felt scared and sad and unsafe. I was sick of being there. I realized i would not have to worry and be safe had i gone to work.

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Mia Sherwood wrote:
Does the overall theme of this remind you of anything in your personal life??  That one decision is what you need to get where you want to be?

I'm quickened to your last question, which could help interpretation.
Tri-state area - Washington, Oregan, Idaho
Washington motto - by and by or eventually
Oregan- she flies on her own wings (reference to being able to hear and discern God's voice for my own and not needing someone to approve (my own personal wings) or possibly just maturing and leaving the "nest" or in a personal way "the eagle soaring away" in terms or life.
Idaho etymology- the sun comes from the mountains or gem of the mountains (reference to a prophetic drawing)

The prophetic drawing was the sun high in the sky and two snow capped mountains. It would seem that overcoming a certain trial (climbing the mountains a.k.a. dealing with old mindsets with Jesus).

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