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1959 atomic bomb blast on usa city,/ storm,,,

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nerd my dream was in black and white, im back in time, the kennedy era, say 1959 approx,,im observeing a huge constuction facility, in a very arid flat state, no real land marks, dry dusty stoney ground.im inside the building , about 6 high level officals have a plan to detonate nuke device, they have all been moraly comprimised, disappointed ,,the FBI is on to them and attempts to stop the plot, 5 men are caught ,one makes it up ladder to the nuke, a tidal wave appears in the building about to break, it comes out of no where, there is no sea for thousands of miles,the last of the 6 men, manages to climb the ladder being chased by agents, he activates the device, i am now in a large country home, i see a young boy look out the window, he/we see the nuke eplode in the distance,could be 50 miles away?we see the cloud ascending,i almost feel like im that boy,and looking through his eyes, thats a bizzare feeling, but seemed ok , shocked  im fearful of the blast effects, that will buffet the house, the mom of the boy is about 35, with hairstyle of that era, walks through the room unmoved, i feel the blast will pick up all the sand and stones and just sandblast the house to nothing, then im outside, the blast is now a storm, black and furious like it has a personality, i stand before it in all its rage, its not like a tornado just a wide coloum of black fury, it deters and bypasses the house, moveing on , im then back at the factory site, FBI are there combing the area for clues, theres a  flat concrete floor, that is all that is left from the blast, it seems newish? extremely smooth, almost polished, a agent finds a small ''admit one '' ticket, the genral kind you get in movie theartres etc, about 50mmx25mm in size, a significant clue, im thinking over the events and realise i only remember two atomic events in history, and wonder if this third one really happened, but just wasnt recorded?hidden?

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