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I had the following dream November 21, 2010 and would like any input that may come up in anyone's spirit.  Thanks in advance...

I dreamed I must’ve been just getting home.  I was lying across the bed getting ready to go to sleep.  Me and my husband (I don’t remember his face.  I don’t even think I was thinking of his face.  It’s like it was just normal – you know?) were talking about something.  I remember saying something to the effect of, “I have got to get up to see what the house looks like.  My sisters done went and bought me this house and didn’t ask me nothing.” (In the dream, I feel like I was just getting home from somewhere and my sisters had gone out and bought me this house without asking me.  They just up and bought it.)  My husband kept telling me to come on and go to sleep but I kept telling him I wasn’t going to be able to go to sleep without walking through the house to see what it looked like.  I got up and walked in the closet.  It was a HUGE walk-in closet in the master bedroom – which is also huge.  It was filled with clothes and shoes that I knew I didn’t buy but was for me (left by the previous owner? – that’s what it felt like). I walked through the kitchen.  There was a small round table with four chairs in the kitchen – it was made out of that good cherry looking wood it was so pretty (eat in kitchen – that was huge) then off to the side was a huge dining room with a beautiful huge table and chairs that was made out of the same wood as the small one but a different design.  It had everything that needed to be in a dining room.  I walked on through and saw like a den, a living room, and a foyer.  All of it was huge.  I’ve never seen a foyer that huge.  The furniture was made out of that huge cherry wood with the big legs and a lot of huge pillows (the good stuff – I love the chairs with the big pillows).  The furniture in the den, the living room and some other room was the same.  In the halls there were closet like doors that were made and designed like I’ve never seen before.  I opened a couple of them but they weren’t closets.  They looked more like …I don’t know.  They were the size of closets but they looked like they were to be used for something else.  I saw two huge stairwells (there were two different ways to get up stairs) leading up to the upstairs level of the house.  Even the stairs were huge.  I was so excited because I didn’t realize I had an upstairs house.  I was so excited to have upstairs!  I was about to go up there when the previous owner walked in. (I felt like she still had keys to get in the house to get the rest of her things).  She came to get something out of one of the closet looking thing (one was by one of the chairs in the living room).  Don’t remember what it was.  I started to think she was coming to get the furniture and I was getting kind of sad.  My dad came out of nowhere.  He reached behind the pillows in the couch and pulled out some papers and gave them to her.  Then I felt like the furniture was to stay and that it was my furniture now…like everything in the house was to stay and I didn’t have to buy anything.  She said something to the effect like, “This house is 10 – 15 years old or something (those weren’t her exact words but I felt like she was saying it had been built 10 -15 years before then)…then she said, I say 10 -15 years because… (I can’t remember her exact words but I felt like it wasn’t that old – like it was a new house - but she was saying that for a reason?)  After she said it, she pointed to her stomach (she was pregnant-she had a little round pudge like she was a few months)  She asked me if I had kids and I told her yes and that my youngest was 4 and thinking to myself that he is 3 but almost 4 (IRL he was 3 at the time of the dream).  I’m thinking maybe she’s moving because the house will be too small for her after the baby is born – But this is a HUGE house!  Anyway, we go outside to see the yard.  We’re in the back yard.  There’s a huge back yard then it fades out to a smaller area where there is a fence separating my backyard from someone else’s backyard.  I asked her how much of the land is mine and she said something that made me say, “All of it’s mine up to the fence?”  She said yes.  At first I thought it was too small of a back yard because my focus was on the small area just before you get to the fence.  Then it kind of opened up t o me and I saw the distance from where I was standing to the fence and it was HUGE.  

Note:  At the time of the dream I was not married and I've NEVER been married.

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