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Huge snakes in my garden

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In my dream, which has re-occurred, it starts off with a huge black poisonous African Mamba. In my dream i was already aware of its existence, i can just avoid it, step away from it etc. I am aware of its danger as it's probably one of the most venomous snake in the world, but that's ok.

I discovered the snake while walking on a highish cement block / old patio, in my garden. Carmen, my wife, is with me. We communicate about it, "watch your step etc".

I take a walk in my garden and i discover more snakes. It normally starts with seeing their tails. Always extremely big snakes, I almost never see the whole creature as it's in bushes etc. Then as I walk i see a huge black mamba eating a huge yellow/black speckled type of snake. It's getting quite dangerous.

I walk further, and discover even bigger snakes. At some point I am thinking, we should get rid of these, and when we do, we should actually call the Guinness book of world records, as these are probably the biggest snakes ever discovered.

I am constantly aware that i could be bitten and that the venom is very lethal, and that because the snake is so big, it's even more lethal. If I / we would call an ambulance, after getting bitten, I don't know if it would come in time - probably not.

At some point i get entangled in a snake hanging from the roof of my porch, and i start almost panicking, I am really in danger here, It's pulling me up, aware that it will probably try and bite me, I try to get away, and I seem not to be able to, and I woke up, 1 minutes before my phone alarm would go off.

It's the second time i have a similar dream which starts off at the same type of patio old cement block unkempt type area of my garden.

I'm now awake. I get ready for work. I think about my dream. I buy a roll for breakfast at a small shop. The lady wants to put the code of the roll in the till. I was like, "it's 59c". She's like, "no no, i need the code for the system". Her colleague responds, "it's 666"... as he's saying it, i look, up and see an item which says Route 66.... i'm a bit freaked out... What does this all mean?

Further note: i don't actually have a garden, as i live in an apartment.

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Hello, ManiH -

Snakes are often used as symbols for some type of "threat." I've had dreams where they represent threatening people, threatening words, illness and even a threat from an inanimate object (an electric saw, in this case).

I'm leaning toward the snakes representing people. The Black Mamba is the greatest threat, and it definitely has power/influence over others. Given that it's eating another snake, it's also a threat to those that are similar to it.

My thoughts on the garden in your dream is that it's representative of an area of your life which you're responsible over. It may be work, your home, ministry - any place that's your responsibility. In relation to the snakes, I'd say work or ministry (which may be one in the same). The detail of it being "unkempt" should reflect on how you view this in real life.

Given these two details, where in your life are you dealing with so many dangerous/threatening people or issues that it's nearly record-breaking in your perception?

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