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tidal wave on nz eastcoast beach,,,,

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i feel this dream is literal, i post`it as referance to a future event, im standing on a house veranda thats on the beach front, with many other peaple, they are all along the beach, im the first to see the wave, its about 2 metres high, and up to 1000metres long, it has formed suddenly,it is about 200metres offshore, i shout out there it is what nerd ,im very afriad, and feel the power this wave carrys, this real not a fizzer like other times disappointed holy moly ,the wave i take cover behind a huge palm tree, hopeing it will bare the force of the wave, the wave breaks ,a surge of water flows up the beach, hits the palm and goes past me, ,there is minimal damage, everyone is releived, i look for peaple i know,, nerd its over, i woke up shaken,

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