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u k/ london, terrorist cell,lost son,bomb blast,,,

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bandaid i seem to be in Briton, perhaps london, a suburban street, a father is arguing vehemently with his son who has been radicalised by a local cell group connected with al quedea, nerd ,the young mans girlfrend was the bait, they go to the leaders home,which is not too far away,,the leader is hidden behind paneled timbered walls, they open, the secret door, in the lounge, there the leader is , lying on a pile of sheets, praying to allah, im an observer and im not detected ,im an observer, then im outside on the left hand corner of the house, it faces the street, it is a 1930s era with cement rendering, suddenly a big explosion happens in the lounge,all 3 men are blowen to pieces, i see the blast force out onto street 5meters away:what:

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