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Pink Flamingo / Pink Wallet

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Hi. Thoughts appreciated.

I'm at home, third floor apartment type house. I'm on the balcony, and i realize my bright pink wallet is on the floor just next to the balcony rails. I walk towards it to pick it up but it falls through the rails onto the road beneath. I look over the balcony rails and see it lying on the road below. I decide to go downstairs and pick it up but as i look a bright pink flamingo bird picks it up and is kinda walking/ shuffling away with my wallet. I shout at the bird to shoo it off and even throw a stone at it and miss. The bird keeps walking away with my wallet. Next scene, I realize that in my eagerness to get the flamingo to leave my purse, i have literally climbed over the balcony and I'm barely hanging on - I"m on the verge falling off 3 floors down onto the road below. I quickly scramble back over and into the balcony with some difficulty chiding myself that i could have fallen and that wallet was not even worth the risk i took.

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