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Faceless, and in jail

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Hello Mia and everyone

I have been praying for God to give me dream, of prophetic nature, and now I have, but I need to confirm the interpretation....

I was out in the country, and, found myself at a "compound" This compound was a jail. I drove in, and reported the the "jailer" . He was not wearing a uniform, and appeared quite casual. I knew I had to be there, but I also knew I was not guilty of anything. I reported to him, and said" I'm here because I need to collect my money, not for any other reason." I said this because although I was in "jail" I knew I did not want to be treated badly, and incarcerated for a long time.

He acknowledged my words, and I went off to find my place. The whole are was in a beautiful green field, with mountains all around. There was no building that I could discern, only a big roof. I found a place to rest, and started to take off my socks. I realised I needed to relive my self, and wondered where to go. Just then a small boy, who was also there wanted to relieve himself, so he asked someone, and then proceeded to the fence, and peed through it. I was fascinated that there was no security. I went to the fence, and did the same thing. I wondered why this "jail" had no security. The fence was a typical farmers fence, one you can easily climb through, and not high at all.

I woke up, my first thought was that I must be feeling guilty of something i was doing was horribly wrong. I realised I had not committed any crime, so went back to sleep.

I then dreamed I was back there, but, I decided I wanted to go out for the day. I went to the "jailer" and told him I need to go out for the day. He said it was no problem, and would arrange a pass for me. When he gave me the pass, he also gave me my ID card, but, the picture had been removed, and it was just a card, with no pic. I woke up, and thought it represented some form of fraud. It would seem that the others in this "jail" were also there of their own desire

Once awake I slowly started to put the dream together. It seems that I have placed myself in this jail, and the jail is nothing more than something I have created for myself. The faceless ID card sees to represent that I have lost my identity.

Now, to my situation, I am trying to move closer to my children, but finances are holding me from being able to move. In the place I am, that being work, and home, and social, I'm very unhappy, finding myself in transit, and not going anywhere, not moving at all, and certainly not moving closer to my children.

The person who is helping me arrange my finances is not doing her job, and situation after situation goes by when If I had the money I would move, but she's not able to move quickly enough. The simple answer of changing brokers does not work, as its complicated, and involved. I cannot understand why God is blocking my move, and my precious time with my children, which is slipping away rapidly.

The dream seems to say , "get of of your own self imposed jail, get your identity back, and get on with things" The problem is, I really don't know how to do it any better.

On another side, someone who owes me money had a dream of me joining them, and making a business together with them and a few others. I have not had confirmation from God on this, but will see how it pans out...

Can anyone give me input??

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