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Dreamt of seeing different pictures

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Had a series of different pictures in my dream last night. Some of it I could understand but cannot understand the last part especially. Please help in interpreting.

Saw myself in a theater with a stage ahead of me. See this guy who has a dance school of his own on stage and I feel i am being called to go to stage but I dont go up in front. Next I see him with a bouquet of flowers in hands and see him on stage stretching his hand with Bouquet.
Next I see myself been projected on screen and i see my face on screen and then shapes and lines drawn on screen highlighted..
I see myself seated in the room and turn and see my niece looking at me.

Then I see myself setting on an open window sill but no windows its an open space where i am just relaxing hugging my knees and looking out where I see a beautiful meadow where i see the wind blowing and the tall grass swaying to the left ..the top of the grass had deep rust color.. not sure if its wheat field or just a meadow with tall grass.. but its a beautiful site to see and I am enjoying the peace.

Then the last part of the dream is where I see a family and I recognize its presidents family. President, his wife and a girl child. Not sure what this means,. they are laughing and standing together like in a family picture..I recognise that their origin like I am an indian. i wake up after that..

Please help interpret..

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