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where is the restroom, I gotta go

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This occurred the same day as another dream I had. This is dream #2

In a building looking for a bathroom, open bottom door in left side of bldg and someone had just pulled up in a car. So I closed the door and ran over to the other side of the building and ran upstairs. The office building was quiet- seems like none was there. On right side on the outside of the building had masked gunmen. Left bottom floor and went upstairs, a chubby black man in a bathroom sitting. It was as if he was or had already showered and was pampering his feet. I walked passed that bathroom and saw another one around the turn so I went in that and pulled the curtains I front of he stall. Then I saw the masked gunmen with some hostages, pass in front of the restroom I was in. I lifted my feet and held the curtains so the couldn't see my toes sticking out. They passed then a single guy passed and grabbed an unsuspecting young lady who he held hostage. I remained in the bathroom hidden while I was urinating. I woke up 7:34am

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