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billbo baggings

Friend Doing Outreach With Cop?

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Greetings, I had a dream that I am having a hard time understanding..

I dreamed of a former friend of mine. She does a lot of community outreach.

Well anyway I dreamed that she was running a big community event and there were lots of people and things to do. There were also these huge jumpers for the kids out in the yard area in back. The jumpers were black with gold letters, they were really nice. (Never seen any those colors before) A police officer came in that seemed to know a few of the people there, so he waved and said hello then asked something in Spanish. Everyone who understood laughed, I said something in my half correct "Spanglish" (lol) then I laughed cause I knew it was slightly off... She began to communicate with him in Spanish and English in-between words... (I don't recall what was said.) Then she said to the police officer "Come with me so I can show you some of the other things we're doing here and see the jumpers and things for the kids."

As she went out, he followed behind but his blue policeman's uniform turned into a multi-colored striped & checked shirt I used to own 20 years ago. Also I noticed he was bald when his hat was removed... As he stepped out behind her he placed his hand on her right shoulder as she led the way out back... I Could no longer see them then I woke up...

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