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She was pregnant!!!

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Hello Mia and everyone else

Please help me with a prophetic word I received....

I dreamed I was with a woman, I did not see her face, but my hands were on her belly, which was big and swollen, she was about to give birth .... As a side issue, I have been praying for a woman in my life, and my first thoughts , within the dream, was that God was showing me I was going to get married. I was taken aback, as I'm not sure about more children, however , I felt it was not actually related to more children....

Then, In my dream, I was told, don't worry Keith, this is a good dream!  I then awoke...

I got up earlier than usual, and I decided to stop off on my way to work in a quiet open place, just to spend 5 min with the lord. But this stopping off I have never done before ...

On my way to work I was thinking of places, when I decided to stop off at a point that overlooks a beautiful valley, and up into the village, where I have stayed for the last 30 years ...as I arrived , the lord said,  I wanted you to have one last look at this, as you'll never do this again. The next few weeks are going to be very busy.

I was shocked, really shocked, I felt a pang in my stomache and heart ...

Now let me explain one more thing, I have been trying to move to another city, to start a new life. The finance to buy a new house, and set up my business has not been forthcoming, and I have felt stuck, and abandoned.....

Could this now finally be the move I have been waiting for? Is this the birth of a new life, as foretold in the dream?

Please give me your insights, I'm so mixed up, and not wanting to put words into my heart and mind that I want to hear, I truly desire gods word , for him to lead me into a new place ...

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This last week has been an amazing voyage .... some dreams from the past have suddenly been understood, and God has touched my soul on few occasions as I have walked, and spent more time with him! Truly amazing!

On Saturday I went for a long walk, and, near home, I was drawn into a garden of remembrance. I have not walked through this garden for around 30 years, and, as I was slowly taking it in, the Lord reminded me of what he had said earlier that week, and, that he wanted me to savour, and enjoy the beauty of the gardens, as it was unlikely I would be walking there again soon. It made me jump, and, as I sucked in the beauty, I was spellbound in his presence. It was really amazing.

I understand that the dream above is really from God, and, that it is the birth of a new beginning for me, and that time is short before I will embark on this voyage.

There are still a few things to slip into place, and, with the coming of Christmas, I think the new year will be an amazing time for me!

I would really love someone to prayerfully consider my dream above, and either confirm, or deny my understanding of the dream.

The dream is so beautifully simple, it has so little in it, other than the pertinent information, as well as something really exciting for me, and that was that INSIDE THE DREAM I WAS TOLD IT WAS A GOOD DREAM!!!! Isn't that so exciting??? I think its just amazing!!

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Hi Keith, I am not a dream interpreter, but I do have some thoughts to share. Maybe the woman stands for a desire of yours (like the ones you mentioned, getting married, moving, building up your business or maybe some others that you didn't mention). If that woman was to stand in for one of those things, I would think it does stand to reason that it could/will soon come to pass, as she is about to give birth in your dream. So according to my understanding, not interpretation, God is letting you know that something is about to happen, something has been "ripening" in your spirit and is about to carry fruit.
I can't help but think that this might not only be in the natural, but mostly in the spiritual, as I sense that God has been preparing your for many years for that which is about to come and in that, He is giving you the heads up, not only for you to stand on that and pray, but also to be watchful to see the opportunity come and recognize it as such.
If it makes no sense, please disregard.

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