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Silver Sorting along with my EX

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Hi all!!

Ok so background, my EX in my dreams pretty much always symbolizes my brother whom I have been sort of estranged from IRL. He is the biological father of my adopted daughter. He is soon getting out of jail, in like a week. Without a doubt he will not ever be welcomed into my own home, bc of my daughter and because he has a past of stealing. Also, he will NOT by any means be reunited with my daughter until she is an adult, and that's if she wants it. I'm willing to rekindling a relationship with him apart from my children being involved. I'm curious of what things the silverware could symbolize. I totally welcome thoughts and interp son this.

So I had a dream my ex was coming over to spend some time with me. I was looking forward to spending time with him, and had good feelings of seeing him. I remember sitting on a couch with him and holding his hand in the dream when he came over. I was in a house that seemed to have a darker setting than my own home, which is very well lit. It wasn't super dark or gloomy, but it had a dimmer lighting than my own home, more shadows (this could symbolize my moms home, which doesn't have much natural light in it). There was a dining room table close to the couch.

My daughter brought a rubber-made container (which we use to sort toys etc in our home) and set it on the dining room table which was close to where me and my ex were sitting. I could see her take the lid off the container (which is a ten gallon container), and it was filled with silverware. She was able to lift this container with ease (even though she is a strong girl IRL, she is only 11 yrs old and this would be extremely heavy even for me to lift). I could see that there was forks, spoons, and butter knives in the container without anything to separate them. Even there there wasn't anything separating these, for the most part they were sorted together. Knives all together, forks all in one place, an then the spoons all in one place. Then, she tilted the container slightly towards her lifting one side off the the table by the handles, keeping the side closest to her planted down on the table. When she tilted the container toward her, I could see that there were WAY more spoons than the rest of the silverware. Gravity sort of brought the spoons that were towards the back of the container sliding closer to the side of the container that was closest to my daughter's body. One thing to note, my daughter didn't have any anxiety or concerns in the dream. End of Dream.

Feel free to share thoughts or interns. I have a hunch of what this could symbolize, but would love a strong confirmation.

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